Soccer Bets For July 23rd

Juventus v Tottenham Hotspur - 2019 International Champions Cup Thananuwat Srirasant. Getty Images.

Yesterday: 2-1, +0.74 units. Brings us to +4.71 units gained on the pitch this week! 

Unfortunately, we are getting to the point of the summer where soccer is winding down. The Premier League will be over this Sunday. Bundesliga & La Liga are over. Serie A is pretty much all we have left until Europa/Champions League return. 

I only like one game today. 


Serie A

1:30 PM

Juve -1: Since the 2017-18 season, Juve has outscored Udinese 22-4 in their 6 games. Just complete and utter domination, which makes sense due to Udinese not being a top-tier team in Italia. 

Udinese's 2019-20 campaign hasn't been awful, but surely isn't great. They sit with 34 points with 4 matches to go. Their expected points paint a better picture as they sit 13th in the stat while playing 1 game less than almost all of Serie A. 

All that being said, Juve is obviously the much better team. A win here would almost certainly clinch a Serie A title for them. Could you expect a sleepy performance by them? Sure, but a slip up here would make the Serie A title race a lot more interesting. Ronaldo has scored 9 times over his last 8 games and he's currently tied in the 19-20 season in number of goals scored with Immobile from Lazio. Ronaldo wants to win the Serie A title, but I have a feeling he wants that Golden Boot more.