Pitt's AD Asked Congress To Ban The Ability For Us To Bet On College Sports ... I'm Asking Congress To Kick Pitt Out Of College Sports

Let me get directly in front of this. Shut the fuck up, Heather Lyke. Don't you even dare try to take away betting on college sports from us. She's even talking about legal betting! LEGAL BETTING. Imagine not being able to bet on all the bowl games or the NCAA Tournament. Imagine not sweating out a late night Hawaii football game to scratch back to even for the day. Imagine not betting a San Diego State hoops game last season at 10pm. Fuck all of that. 

So if she's going to ask for something unreasonable, as will I. I'm asking congress to kick Pitt out of college sports. They don't belong in the ACC first of all - they belong in the Big East always and forever. They aren't relevant in anything anymore. If they don't get kicked out of college sports, they should have to have Kevin Stalling as its head basketball coach again. You want to punish me, you have to relive the worst hiring in Division I history in quite some time. 

Not only is it an outrageous request, it's just wrong. Chris Spatola spelled it out Twitter pretty clear yesterday for everyone:

That's why this makes no goddamn sense. Just accept that it's a legal thing and by being legal it only helps the schools. Like Chris says, because there were betting irregularities, the point-shaving scandals were caught. Seems like a no-brainer to me.