Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk In An Old Fashioned "HU 4 Rollz" Battle To The Death Is Going To Be HIGHLY Entertaining


LFGGGGG! This is awesome. 

It's not often you get two heavyweights squaring off for bragging rights. This ain't about the money- Daniel doesn't need any more and Polk has more than enough to last a few lifetimes. This is a heads up battle like an Old West dual. Balls on the table, $200/400 blinds, bragging rights and nothing more.

For some background- Doug Polk is one of the best, if not THE best, heads up NL players in the world. And he HATES Daniel Negreanu. HATES him. When Polk transitioned from playing poker full time to being a YouTuber, he made his YouTube career off videos bashing Daniel nonstop. 

In the other corner is none other than the most famous poker player in the world, Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu. He obviously has all the accolades and achievements under the sun, especially in tournament play.

So why would Daniel agree to this match? I guess he figured "why not?". He knows he's not the favorite here. Let's say Daniel is Michael Jordan. Tremendous all round player, first ballot hall of famer, all the rings in the world. He's playing against a 3 point specialist in a 3 point shooting contest. That's what Doug Polk is to heads up. But Daniel took the match anyway. Stones.

Why is it going to be entertaining? Well, the swings of 2 tables of 200/400 are going to be massive. They are both huge personalities who will beak at each other unfiltered. And it's a blood match. A grudge match. A death match. And they more than likely will raise the stakes as the match goes on. Who knows how high they might end up playing. It could get insane.



Boy oh boy.


The entire thing will obviously be streamed. Probably with cards showing (on delay, obviously). 

This is the good stuff. Just a good old fashioned "put your money where your mouth is" type thing. Polk has been going after Daniel for years now, and now finally has his match against him. Again, he should be the favorite here, but it's not like Daniel is a slouch. Plus, DNegs will likely start putting in a lot of time studying the heads up game. It's sort of a no-lose situation for him- if he loses, at least he had the cajones to accept and put his cash on the line. If he wins, he shuts Doug up and claims victory as the underdog. 

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