NHL Unders Went 12-0 During The Exhibition Games

What a run. I haven't seen anything like this since some donkey podcaster went 0-13 on his publicly posted plays a few years ago back in the winter. All 12 NHL exhibition games going under is just ridiculous. 

Though UND players had to sweat out a couple of results, only one or two games probably should've gone over (Toronto's forwards never got a shot off with just a few ticks left). I was on a pair of shits-and-giggles overs the first night but quickly reversed course for Wednesday's slate. And I whacked my first 3-team parlay in eons last night thanks the lack of O-fence.

8 of the 12 games finished with 5 goals; the others finished with 2, 3, 4, and 6 goals (TOR/MON total was 6.5). So what does this portend for the Qualifying Round? Fucked if I know, that's why it's called gambling. 

The exhibition games were about shaking off the rust, getting in a hit or two, and letting goalies see some pucks. But (most) goalies certainly looked sharper than offenses did. How much of that will carry over to this weekend remains to be seen. I'll probably avoid playing unders on 5.5 because you're begging to get fucked by an ENG. However, I'll be nibbling on some of those 6s until the market corrects itself (looking at you, NYR/CAR).

Also, RA's Gambling Corner returned on yesterday's Spittin' Chiclets (check it out for an awesome interview with the great Gary Roberts). I'll post my picks, including late additions, in the AM before the games start.

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