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A Robust Day Of NBA Picks From Rone's Gambling Corner

Another perfect day to refine the ass groove in your couch down to an exact replica of your hindquarters. NBA action from sun up til sun down, starting with the Nets/Wizards game which will surely be the least star studded game in NBA history. The oddsmakers are trying to play over-chicken with us across the board, but especially in the Rockets/Bucks matchup, but I'm strapping in and white-knuckling this one all the way up to 244. I will not be frightened of big numbers, and neither should you. 

The picks:

  • Nets -3.5 
  • Celtics/Trail Blazers over 228 
  • Kings ML 
  • Rockets/Bucks over 244 
  • Mavs -6.5

Enjoy your Sunday. If we get all wins, maybe we can reward ourselves with a Pixar movie and a cupcake tonight.