The Nets Pulled Off The Biggest Upset (+18.5) Since 1993 Because They Ran Into The Rockets At The Hotel Pool And Got Tips On How To Beat The Bucks

Listen, I don't care if the Bucks didn't play Giannis or Middleton the second half. That Nets team was made up of dudes who top out at the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. I'm talking dudes like Chris Chiozza, Donta Hall, Lance Thomas, Jeremiah Martin and Justin Anderson. Yes, the same Justin Anderson who had a ball booped off his head by Marcus Morris. And I get it, they are all pros now. They are competing for the 7/8 seed in the East. But you're the Bucks. You don't lose that game. You still had Giannis and Middleton for the first half! Giannis was 7-for-8 for crying out loud! 

But this just goes back to how awesome the bubble setup actually is. This is what I want. Just hanging out at the hotel pool, run into another team and immediately get info on how to escape with a W. That's awesome. This is what we need from bubble life. Create a controversy and now hopefully a rivalry between the Bucks and the Rockets. I want dudes passing info or withholding info as seen fit based on what helps them. 

I'm assuming the key was Milwaukee's defense has slipped recently. The Nets just tore them up by getting someone beat off the dribble, the Bucks overhelping and then a kick to three. It's why they shot 21-for-57 from three. Sound a bit like the Rockets? I need to know more details here though. Why did the Rockets even care about the Bucks losing? Doesn't help them one bit. Also who was giving them tips? It was 100% Harden, right? He's for sure the dude sitting at the pool. 

PS: Tough look Jack, tried warning you about this like your Klay take: