"Rone's Gambling Corner Is The Hottest Place To Find Winners" -Scientists

I woke up today with a stuffy nose and an itchy throat and I got worried right away that I might have "the virus." As I took further stock in how I was feeling I realized these symptoms weren't viral at all. These were allergies. But what could I be allergic to? And then, in the spirit of a full self-audit, I examined every aspect of my life. It was the picks. It was all stemming from the picks. Then I realized what it was; I'm allergic to losers. 

  • Brooklyn/Orlando O 224
  • PJ Tucker O 7.5 Pts
  • Celtics -3.5
  • Bucks -8

Remember folks, get some Claritin, take the picks you're prescribed and stay away from the losers.