RA's Gambling Corner: Monday Picks

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Happy Monday, gang. Nice little profit last week, hope you all cashed. Again, make sure to follow @RearAdBsBlog for late plays/plays that don't get blogged.

For today's slate, I jumped on UND 5.5 CBJ/TBL -135 but I know it's down to 5 in most places. I typically don't like playing UND 5 because if/once the game is tied at 2, you can't win. Conversely, if the total hits 6, you're fucked with 5.5 anyways. So playing UND 5 is a personal call. Laying -150 on UND 5.5 is a bit steep but if there's ever a game to lay 50% vig, it's on a Monday. The totals thus far in this series have been 5, 4, and 5. Given great goaltending (shoutout Korpi), tight checking, and the fact it's a Game 4, I expect that trend to continue.

The Bs swarmed the Canes last game and are simply the better team. They can put a stranglehold on this series today and the veteran squad ought to get it done. Save for his misplayed puck, Halak was stellar. Losing Svechnikov is huge for Carolina as well. We are also on the Bruins -115 and Bruins -1.5 +230.  I typically make my puck line play half of my money line play. So if the teams wins but doesn't cover, you still the gambler's ego stroke of picking the winning team and you also make some cash. 

It's Monday and a fresh slate so I'm feeling frisky today. We're also gonna toss in a puck line action reverse with the Bs +230 and Colorado at +150 and also put both in a parlay. Unlike your standard NFL or NBA AR, a puck line AR can be wildly profitable with right combo and a split doesn't mean 'loss with a double vig' (sometimes a PL AR split nets a small profit). A parlay with both teams for the same amount will net you more dough but if your teams go 1-1, you lose the whole thing. Sometimes you just gotta say, "What the fuck?".

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