I Cannot Believe How Wrong We All Were About Making 90/100 Free Throws (To Win $200,000) By The End Of The Year


Back in April, high stakes poker player/crypto trader/Canadian entered into a prop bet where he would have to make 90/100 free throws by the end of the year, getting his own rebounds after each attempt. He also would have to say when each attempt began, as it couldn't be a continuous flow of shots until he made 90/100.

This is the video he put out at the beginning of the bet when he started taking action on the bet:



Quite possibly the worst form in human history. Shooting at a 50% clip. And he had 6 months to shoot 90/100. No chance.

So I blogged it and these were the general replies:




Well…I'm afraid I have some bad news….



He was 86/95!!! He had it!!!! So brutal. The good news is, he has the entire rest of the year to nail that last shot. Maybe there will be a mental block? Hard to say. But he went 89/100 yesterday, with that form no less! Turns out Sam Dekker knew what he was talking about, who woulda thunk it?




89/100 with 4 months to go. To win $200,000. I uhhhh, I like his chances here.


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