DVD's Locks of the Day: August 21st

Alex Goodlett. Getty Images.

Yesterday: 4-3 (9-7 total)

Raptors -11

I think the Raptors absolutely roll today. Gotta give Brooklyn credit, they play their asses off and are more than capable of hitting threes consistently but this Raptors team has championship pedigree and they smell blood in the water. Game 2 was Brooklyn's chance to go steal a game and they let it slip away after Toronto buckled down on defense. Toronto BIG today.

Jazz +1.5

Utah is the much better defensive team and Donovan Mitchell is super locked in right now. Mike Conley coming back for today gives the Jazz another ball handler and legit scoring option on the offensive end that could end up being a huge X-Factor in who goes on and wins this series. I like the Jazz to win this game but I'll take the 1.5 for insurance in what I expect to be a super close game. 

Celtics -5

I'll keep riding the Celtics against this abysmal Sixers team until it fails me. They're lost on offense without Ben Simmons and I have absolutely no faith in them to make winning plays down the stretch in crunch time. Who I do trust to make winning plays down the stretch in crunch time is Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown. Celtics get game 3 in what I predict will end up being a clean sweep.

Braves -110

Cubs +100

Diamondbacks -110

Canadiens +120