The 3rd Ever Reags Prop Bet Room Residing In Rone's Gambling Corner Presented By Picks Central Hosted By Hitting The Board While Walking The Line

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What does it mean? It means we're combining all the shows here under one umbrella in the Reags prop bet room. I'm pretty sure we have all the shows, might start a new one with Clem. Haven't decided yet. Either way, we're here to talk prop bets. REAL GAMBLING (I kid, I kid). Yes, I love gambling actual hoops games, but everyone is talking about those. We'll pick random prop bets every day we can to put some money on. Why not? Someone going to yell at us? Won't be the first time on this here website and it won't be the last.

All numbers and lines are from our dear friends at Penn National. 

Through 2 days: 4-4 (+.04) 

Milwaukee ML/under 225.5 (+110)

Alright 1 of the 3 games have gone over this number and we're going to take the Milwaukee ML/under bet together. The Magic have limited depth and the Bucks defense is starting to get dialed in. Sure, there's a fear they drop like 130 and we're sweating out a blowout under, but we'll take our chances. Feels like the Bucks are in control finally and going to get out of this series in 5. 

Nikola Vucevic under 3.5 assists (+101)

If we're rolling with an under for a game, we're going to roll with a player under. This time it's big man assist game. Vucevic is a good passer, but he's turned more into a scoring option for the Magic in this series. He's averaging 3.6 assists per game on the year but has had just 2 assists each of the last 2 games. We'll take Vucevic looking to score more here and sweat out a big man assist total. 

PJ Tucker over 6.5 points (-120)

Can PJ Tucker hit 2 threes essentially. He gets to the corner and sits there and waits for a kick. If he gets two, he's getting a free throw or another bucket. He did score just 5 last game, hitting just 1 three. We'll take the chance because 6.5 is just so low for a team that likes to shoot like the Rockets do. Plus we'll just play into Tucker's game here of corner threes and one cheap bucket. Get us 7, PJ. 

Jimmy Butler over .5 3PM (+120) 

Again, going to take the value here. Is Butler a good shooter? Hell no. But we just need one. He's attempted 2, 3 and 2 in the three playoff games so far. So he'll take a couple shots, we just need one to go in. For +120, we take the risk here. 

See everyone on the other side. Happy betting.