The Bucks/Magic Series Has Had Phenomenal Spread Drama

It happened again today in the bubble....the Bucks and Magic spread came down to the wire. 

I feel awful for the Magic +13.5 bettors out there. Just a brutal way to lose. It was a tied game for almost the entire first three quarters. The Bucks then went on an 18-2 run to open the 4th, but the Magic clawed back to bring it within three.

The ending would've made me furious thanks to the Magic deciding to foul when they were down 12 and 14! Why on earth would you do that?

The Bucks would've just ran out the clock, but the Magic decided to foul….the epitome of brutality.

And then those two missed threes by Fournier & Ross? Again, just brutal.

Outside of game 1, where the Magic covered easily, we've had three straight games of spread drama between these two teams.

Game 2:

Game 3:

Both times the Magic had a chance to cover, but they ran out the clock instead.