Hitting 90/100 Free Throws Makes Poker Player Mike McDonald $250,000 In 24 Minutes



And now, for the conclusion to one of the more interesting prop bets I've covered on this site, the Mike "Timex" McDonald free throw prop bet. Basically the background (as you can read in the links above) is Mike had never played competitive basketball in his life, was a ~50% free throw shooter with the form of a giraffe who just ran headfirst into a wall, and he made a bet he could shoot 90/100 by the end of the year. Lots of money came in against him, mostly because of how poor his form was and the fact he would have to get his own rebounds.



Well…as they say, never bet against Timex. He just doesn't lose. 90/100 free throws in 24 minutes to net himself a cool $250,000.


Nobody better than Mike. He had until the end of the year and banged it out in August.

And talk about clutch:


He was at 73/82, meaning he could only miss 1 of the remaining free throws in that set of 100, and he went 17-1 over the last 18 to win it. Legend.

Nobody better than Timex. $250,000 richer for hitting free throws. Makes you wonder how different NBA games must be from an open gym if you have guys like Shaq getting paid millions upon millions and still can't shoot above 55%. Or do they just need to hire Mike as their coach? 

On the newest episode of Cracking Aces we talk about Mike's bet, and have an awesome, AWESOME conversation with a 22 year old poker player who went to UMASS, still lives at home with his parents, lies to his mom about playing poker, and just won a WSOP bracelet over the summer. If you ever decided to follow your dreams, or you're not sure how to do it, this is the episode for you.