We Kicked Off The College Football Season With An Awesome Gambling Finish

The game was sloppy, but hey, it was football. Just a few weeks ago it didn't look like we were going to have it.

The ending was filled with a little bit of spread drama. In most cases, if you were putting some cash down on Austin Peavy vs. Central Arkansas, you'd probably need to seek help, but right now? If there's football on your TV screen, it's time to put a bet in. That's just how it works.

Austin Peay, who closed +4, went up 17-16. It seemed like they would at least cover. Not on Central Arkansas' watch:

Now, Central Arkansas could've just ran out the clock and won on an FG (Austin Peavy would've scored), but you can barely trust FBS kickers, I can only imagine the trust you have in FCS kickers. The move by Central Arkansas made sense, I wouldn't call it a bad beat. 

Austin Peay went down the field and had the ball on the 30 with 3 seconds left, but their hail mary attempt was god awful, led to an interception, and the final was 24-17.