Brutal Beat In The Orioles-Blue Jays Game For F5 Bettors, Mets Don't Cover As -270 Favorites

If you're taking the Orioles on the F5 inning line on a Monday afternoon? Some would say you need help, but not me...or Megan:

If a hot blonde is making the bet then it can't be that sad if I make it too. 

Anyways, back to the bad beat at hand....that absolutely stinks if you did have Orioles F5. The throw wasn't great, but I still feel like the first basemen could've grabbed it.

In other betting news, the Mets were -270 favorites with DeGrom on the hill today aaannndddd they lost:

It's a shame we only get 60+ games of baseball betting this year. Just so many cold hearted moments.