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Halsey Has A Twitter Account Only To Tweet Basketball Takes (And Apparently Barstool Found Her, Whatever That Means)


Everyone knows Halsey. Everyone loves Halsey. The official Barstool stance on her is she is the "Baddest chick on planet earth". 



And apparently Halsey fucking LOVES basketball, but never knew how to tweet about it because her brand is so tied to music/entertainment. So she went ahead and created a new Twitter account to get her hoops takes off. 



HalseyAndOne. Brilliant. 

She gets here memes off



She live tweets



And basically does better tweets than 99% of NBA twitter



And then today, apparently, Barstool "found" Halsey.



I need to know what this means. We found Halsey? She of 13.4 million followers on Twitter and 21 million on IG? Multiple hit songs? Baddest chick on the planet? Who at Barstool was able to find her?!?!

My hope, my DREAM, is Gaz DM'd her asking if she'd like $30,000 a year to run an NBA account, not realizing she's Halsey. That would phenomenal. I don't even want to think of more boring possibilities, like executive talent booker extraordinaire (and all around great gal) Kelly reached out to get her on a couple podcasts. Because why would Halsey tweet that from her NBA account??? 

But hey, cat's out of the bag. Barstool officially discovered Halsey. Did Pres do it again, or did Pres do it again?