The Mormon God Gave BYU's Football Team COVID Because They Were **Gasp** Gambling

One of the games I was most excited for in week 3 of the COVID 2020 CFB season was BYU - Army. 

Unfortunately, that game got canceled due to a mini COVID outbreak at BYU. Coming into the season if you were to rank the teams most likely to have a COVID outbreak, BYU would've ranked at the bottom. Half their players are married, with kids, and 45-years-old, so they wouldn't party and the other half aren't allowed to have sex. 

Thanks to Zach Wilson (Mormon Johnny Manziel), we finally have the answers on the outbreak:

....did you say GAMBLING?

Gambling isn't banned in the Mormon religion, but it is frowned upon:

However, BYU has a STRICT honor code, which bans all students from any form of gambling.

BYU plays Troy on Saturday. If I were apart of the Troy football team, I think I'd be making a few calls to the BYU compliance office to report a few serious violations!