The Spittin' Chiclets Boys Came Up With A Few Props For Tonight's Game 3

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In case you haven't heard, we recently dropped the #BarstoolSportsbook app. As a connoisseur of games of chance, I dug the sleek design and was pretty impressed with the options available for the Stanley Cup Final games. There were some I hadn't seen before. And for tonight's Game 3, there will be a couple you might not have seen before.

That's because the powers that be asked the fellas at Spittin' Chiclets to conjure up some props for the big tilt so we sent over a bunch of potential ones to choose from.

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"Come up with prop ideas for the Cup?!? Moi?!?"

 Here are the Spittin' Chiclets selections that are being used tonight (we did not set the actual odds)…

If you're relatively new to wagering on the pucks, these props are pretty easy to explain. 

The first one is "Will Game 3 go to a second overtime?". If you think Game 3 will get to a second OT and risk $100, you win $1400 if the game goes to a second OT. If you don't think it'll have a second OT, you would need to risk $2500 to make $100.

Next is the 1.5 over/under on Corey Perry's penalty minutes for the game. If you think Corey Perry will get more than 1.5 penalty minutes and risk $100, you win $110 if he does. If you think Perry gets fewer than 1.5 penalty minutes tonight, you need to risk $134 to make $100.

The first play on the second pic is "Will Tyler Seguin score a power play goal?". If you think he will and risk $100, you'll win $1000 if he does. If you don't think Seguin will score a power play goal tonight, you'd have to risk $2000 to make $100.

Finally, "Will either team score a short-handed goal tonight?". If you think it will happen and risk $100, you win $750 if it does happen. If you don't think either team will score a short-handed goal, you'd have to risk $1000 to make $100.

It's just a shame that the Panthers are no longer are in it so we can't use "Will Keith Yandle SONK an opposing player tonight?"