ITS OVER CLUB SUNDAY: Dallas Is Going to Seattle and Dak and Russ Are Going to COOK ALL DAY

Cowboys vs Seahawks in the 4:30 EDT Game of the Week. Unlike last week’s miracle which I labeled a “must win,” I had this as a loss on the schedule even before the roster started dropping like flies onto the injured reserve. After watching Seattle handle a very good Patriots team on Sunday night, I’m more convinced than ever that this game spells “L” and you know what? I’m ok with it. 

That’s because now that the elation of one of the more bizarre and exciting comebacks in recent memory has slightly faded, I’m back to reality. And I’m very afraid. Very, very afraid. 

Chef Russell Wilson and his string of seemingly endless sous chefs in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have been in the kitchen just COOKING teams the last two weeks. BBQ chicken, shrimp skewers, bananas flambé, all of that. I think it’s safe to say if their season continues down this road, Food Network might be calling, because Russ Can Cook.

I’m not sure if you know this Cowboys haters, but this Dallas secondary is not only BAD but now they are down right unavailable. Chido… OUT. Anthony Brown… OUT. Rookie corner Trevon Diggs, who has been burnt toast quite a bit these last two weeks, questionable but likely to play. Our pass rushers Demarcus Lawrence (injured and didn’t practice this week) and Everson Griffin are still struggling with the new 2 point stance and have been pretty much unable to get after the QB. What does that mean? Russ is going to have ALL DAY to throw. Seattle is going to be able to score early, often, and pretty much all game long. I already see DK covered by our shutdown corner Diggs (LOL) in man coverage running the nine route, catching one on the fly and taking it to the house. I see Lockett being completely unguardable. We will have no answer for him. Air raid babee and it’s going to happen All. Day. Long. 

As far as for Dallas’ offense, I’m cautiously optimistic. If Tyron can play (big maybe) along with Brandon Knight, I think Dak is going to be able to make it rain as well. The receiving corps for the Cowboys is slightly better than Seattle, but let’s face it, Dak hasn’t proven himself to be Russell Wilson. I think CeeDee will destroy their nickel coverage, despite the fact that Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs did NOT get suspended for his helmet to the head hit on N’Keal Harry. By the way, I sat down with Quandre for a 3MT, check it out here. He’s an interesting dude.

Back to what Dallas can do well. Dak loves to attack the sidelines which will pretty much neutralize what Wagner and Adams do best; roam free in the middle of the field. I love how bad Seattle’s pass defense is because it’s going to force Mikey Mac to pass, pass, pass. 

I’m rooting for points, and chaos. Lots and lots of chaos. First one to 50 wins. And with Seattle playing without the 12s at home, stranger things have happened. 

Prediction: Seattle W 44-38 (Do not cover +5) 

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PS. Get a Ceedee Lamb Shirt while you're at it. Kid is going to be a STAR.