A Poker Player Turned A $109 Satellite Ticket Into A $620,000 Score, Good For A 568,707% ROI


The absolute dream. Charlie Godwin turned a $109 satellite ticket into a $1,050 ticket...and then won that satellite into the fucking $102,000 super high roller! Nobody plays super high-rollers. Like, you have to be the richest of the rich to play them. But she satellited in starting at $109, which is the dream. You can then try to sell action for the $102,000 tournament, meaning people buy a % of you for the same % of your potential winnings. So say she sold 20% of her action, even if she was the first player to bust she would pocket a cool $20,400. 

But that's not what happened at all. 

She ended up final tabling, and then hitting a miracle ace on the river to survive being the bubble boy



The very next hand the bubble burst, meaning she would at least min-cash for $229,600. 

But it didn't end there. She doubled up a few times, and ended up finishing in 3rd place for a smooth $620,000.




All from a $109 ticket. It is hard to get better than that. 

I love stories like this. Much better than my "played the Main Event, was the day 2 chip leader, and ended up busting 100 from the money". There is literally 1 hand that if I could just never have played, if I just folded preflop, I would have easily made the money. Not that I think about it ALL THE TIME or anything. Tournament poker: it's only a punt if they don't fold.


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