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One Of Our Interns Just Went Down 26 Units In The First 20 Seconds Of Game 4 Of The NBA Finals

Remember this guy?

Yeah, he's still working for us. Grinding it out as an intern. Nothing but respect for that. I've heard he does great work for the various projects he's been working on.

Outside of those projects, Sean is very proud of his gambling success. I once heard him tell KFC that he had "never been down" in his gambling career.

Prior to BMOC's "Top Barstool Gamblers" blog, this is what he had to say on Twitter:

120 units in a month!

I've always told him that if he's as good as he claims he is gambling, he should just tweet out his picks. Tonight, he listened.

Good for him, he is standing by his picks. You may think he's crazy for laying 26 units on the first basket of the game, but he gave us his explanation!

You won't believe this, but none of the 4 guys he bet on scored the first basket of the game tonight. Bam Adebayo did after Anthony Davis missed a fadeaway on the first shot of the game. Don't worry, he modeled it correctly though.

Sean was a data major at Notre Dame, so he definitely is smart. The model here actually is pretty good. I haven't seen the exact data behind it, but it appears he modeled it correctly when factoring Bam in. First basket props is a small market that Sean actually may have an edge in the long term if he managed his money/edge correctly. I'd assume he knows how to run code on the PBP data to decipher who attempts the first shot for each team and how often they win the tip. From their you can compare the two teams playing and model out to a decent success rate what the chances are the first basket is scored by a player and decipher your edge. 

That doesn't make this any less funny. The guy put 26 units on the first basket prop of an NBA Finals game. Typically in gambling:

1 unit = 1% of your bankroll

Imagine putting 26% of your portfolio on a stock and it immediately went to zero after you bought the stock. That's what this intern did here tonight.

You can't make it up the people that walk through the doors here at Barstool. Every year we get absurd interns like this. Sean is an intern that I bet will become a full time employee soon. He works hard and is smart (he always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, but hopefully he can work on that). However, he's just an insane person.