Tyler Herro's Late 3 Backdoors The Lakers And Destroys Stu Feiner's Soul

Not sure if you've heard but the NBA Finals are going on.

Anyways, there was a pretty good game 4 tonight. Close throughout before the Lakers took a 9 point lead with 39 seconds to go thanks to an Anthony Davis dagger:

This was big for anyone with Lakers -7/-7.5.

37 seconds then passed...it was 102-93. The game was over. Tyler Herro needed to get his buckets though. It's big for his fame on social media and stuff. Gotta pad those stats. He attempted a 3 and then bang:

The big thing here? The Heat then didn't foul.

I get them not fouling (there was practically no time left), but then why take the three? Let the time run out. Nobody took this loss harder than Stu:

I, obviously, headlined this blog as a backdoor cover by the Heat. Is it really a backdoor, though? The Heat were covering the number for 98% of the game. Still a brutal loss if you had the Lakers.