SUNDAY UPDATE: Haters Guide to Cowboys vs Giants: Its Do Or Die For Dallas This Sunday


As I wrote later on Friday, the big news is that Tyron Smith is out for the season.

You can tell I was not super enthusiastic about our chances now that pretty much the entire OL is cooked. Which made my reaction to this Dallas Cowboys hype video for the Giants game kinda predictable.

So. Confusing. So. Tone deaf. If we’re going to post a hype video, maybe just highlight the offense and say “at least we’re exciting all the way until the end”, “no lead is insurmountable” or something to that effect. But KEEP MOVING? 


Anyway, on the bright side, here are some prop bets in the Giants-Cowboys game I like:

Total Cowboys Touchdowns o3.5 (-108)

Daniel Jones u269.5 Passing (-112)

Dak o2.5 TD Passes (+115)

CeeDee o58.5 receiving yards (+112)

Gallup o3.5 Catches (+135)

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Giants Cowboys. Incoming confidence building game? I fucking hope so. 

I am still skep. As I wrote yesterday, the ENTIRE NFC East is nothing but a giant bucket of trash vomit. And yet, I still believe the Cowboys are the cream of this shitty, shitty crop, and still have a better than even chance of making the playoffs.

Hurray, I guess?

Lord, if the Cowboys don’t destroy the god awful NY Football Giants, I am officially out for the season. No more tweets, no more merch, no more watching games, just darkness. Sadness, and darkness. 

I am MARGINALLY confident that Dallas will win this game mostly because pound for pound, they have a much better set of offensive weapons, a better QB and (slightly) more creative play calls (fake punts aside). 

What could go wrong? 

Dallas FOR SURE could shoot themselves in the foot and turn the ball over, giving Danny Pennies more opportunities to sling it to Darius Slayton and Evan Engram. And he will look to sling it because we have ZERO secondary. ZERO (and just cut backup DB Brandon Carr this week). Tony Pollard has been a fucking disaster at kick returning. Even Zeke has fumbled far too often. Dak’s strip sack fumbles have not been great and he’s thrown INTs in the last two minutes of the game twice now this year with the game on the line. Am I worried about all that? 

I mean, I’m talking about it, right? 

The bright side is that a few of these dastardly turnovers have been forced and I do NOT think we’re going to see Giants defenders punching footballs out, or the defensive line able to put the kind of pressure on Dak that Myles Garrett or Aaron Donald have in previous games. The Giants have scored 47 points total this year, which is less than the Cowboys put up in one game. Objectively, they stink. 

Listen, the Giants aren’t good. The Giants don’t have heart. The Giants are injury depleted. BUT, big but, this is a divisional game which means ANYTHING can happen. 

The good news is that Jason Garrett is now the Giants OC, which means our weak, tired little defense should know EXACTLY what’s coming. Thank god (or Garrett) for that. 

The Line is currently Dallas -9. I HATE it. The O/U is 54. Also don’t want it. I would stay away from betting this game because it just has the makings of a messy, ugly 4:25 match up. 

I’ll be back Sunday to update this blog with any changes to the roster due to injuries and props I like for the week. 

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To the moon.