If You Wanna See Brandon Walker Cry Like A Little Bitch Because We Hired The Ole Miss Guy Watch Tomorrow's College Football Show

Tomorrow's Barstool College Football Show is an all-timer. There was an elaborate discussion about the political correctness of the word s******t when discussing the Oklahoma-Texas rivalry. We also may or may not have announced our newest hire of a guy who loves a rival team to Brandon Walker in the state of Mississippi. 

My sources tell me that Brandon Walker wasn't fond of the decision and may have cried like a baby back bitch when he found out Dave was dead serious about hiring him. Watch the Barstool College Football Show Saturday morning at 10 am to see Brandon's live reaction and the rest of the squad talk shit and break down the biggest games of the weekend. Not to mention I'm 4-0 on my Locks of the Week so if anything you should be on the edge of your seat waiting for my next pick if you like making cash betting on the best sports betting app on planet earth the Barstool Sportsbook. 

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