Tuesday Night Football Should Be A Thing That Exists For The Rest Of Our Lives


I have to assume everyone at some point has thought "why isn't football on more days?". Growing up, we had Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday night. Then in 2006 they decided to start Thursday Night Football and everyone was like "hold up...football...on a THURSDAY?!" and then we all watched Titans vs Jaguars until our eyeballs fell out. 

But now with COVID pushing the Titans vs Bills game to tonight, it makes us all stop and think, why isn't Tuesday Night Football a regular thing? It makes perfect sense. Right now, teams that play Sundays and then Thursdays get only 3 full days off. With Tuesdays, they will get 4. So the "they need more rest" argument can't be used. Tuesdays don't have interference with high school football, college football, or anything else for that matter. It's just an open day on the calendar that the NFL is deciding not to sell a billion dollar TV contract for. 

The NFL already controls our lives as it is, why not let them have our Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday? And then after CFB is over, they get Saturday too. Would that be...too many days of NFL football? Seriously asking. Like is that overkill? Would you end up watching less because it's an overwhelming amount of days for football to be on? To be fair, every other sports is on every day, so adding another day of NFL wouldn't be crazy in that regard, it would just be something we aren't used to.

If I had to guess, Tuesday Night Football will be a thing sooner than later. The NFLPA will ask for an extra bye week, guaranteed contracts, and some other perks, and the NFL will tell them to shut the fuck up and oink like a piggy, and the NFLPA will agree to those terms. Shit, they might as well start TNF right now, with no NHL, NBA, and apparently MLB is still going but nobody is paying attention, there is nothing but time to watch football. If I'm CBS/FOX, I'm on the horn with Goodell right now trying to get this deal done.