Kyler Murray's Stat About Playing At Jerry's World Is The Betting Nugget We Needed For NFL Week 6

[PFT] - So Murray has a spotless 5-0 record at Jerry World.

“I couldn’t tell you the actual record. I don’t know,” Murray said. “It’s just a lot of games, haven’t lost. But a favorite memory, I don’t know, there’s a lot of good memories there. Three state championships, the last one a Big 12 Championship, that was a pretty special one. So I really don’t have an answer for you.”

Jackpot! I love random nuggets like this strictly because of how weird they can get. This is about a 2 on the weirdness scale, but either way with the line according to our friends at Penn National being Cards -1.5 for Monday Night, it's one I'm going to run with. Kyler Murray is a damn stud - pause to laugh at the image of him riding some bus playing AA ball right now instead. He's actually made the Cardinals a ton of fun to watch, something that's needed since they always seem to be on at 4 and without Phillip Rivers in that time slot, I need to be entertained. I'd post a Kyler Murray highlight package here, but the NFL won't let it play anyways. 

Plus any time I can talk bad about the Cowboys, I'm going to do that. Who do you trust more right now? Kyler or Andy Dalton? The Cowboys were lucky *cough, a ref calling a hold* away from losing to the Giants. I'm a Giants fan. We suck. The Cardinals are much better than the Giants. I am a little concerned that Kyler couldn't remember being 5-0 at AT&T though. That's not enough games to forget a record. Maybe it's my weird brain but I can remember points scored, records, etc from when I was in high school and that was a LONG time ago. 

Anywho, Cardinals -1.5. Thank you very much.

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