Is There A Typo In The Ohio State vs. Nebraska Opening Line?

Legitimate question: is that a typo? Did someone accidentally put a decimal in there that wasn't supposed to be? Because I find it more believable that the oddsmakers favored the Buckeyes by 215 points than by 21.5 points. They say that money doesn't grow on trees but apparently it grows on cactuses. Because the good old philanthropists that run the books in Las Vegas are handing out free cash right now. Three touchdowns????

Listen, Ohio State football doesn't kick off for another 9 days. I'm not going to sit here and start proclaiming us the the prohibitive favorites to win the whole enchilada just yet. You can read that blog on the morning of October 24th, set your alarms now. But this isn't Clemson or Alabama we're going up against. I would understand the -21.5 if so. This is NEBRASKA. Are we just going to act like this didn't happen last year......?

Folks, it was 38-0 at the half. And the Buckeyes bring back Justin Fields, Ryan Day, and a whole lot of people that wouldn't save Scott Frost's number if he tried to recruit them. I don't care if Nebraska brings back Johnny Rodgers, Tommie Frazier, Ndamukong Suh, and Eric Crouch. The Buckeyes are winning this game by 30+ points. 

I mean, did we just suddenly forget that this team is on a DOUBLE REVENGE TOUR? Ryan Day vowed to avenge last year's heartbreaking loss to the refs and Clemson AND Kevin Warren tried to keep us off the field this year? I wouldn't want to see a happy Ohio State team. I wouldn't even show up to face an angry Ohio State team. Take this as soon as the Barstool Sportsbook posts it. It'll probably be -40 by kickoff.