Matthew McConaughey Gives Us His Key To Picking Winners

As I'm sure you've heard, Matthew McConaughey was on PMT today. An hour of a phenomenal interview between him, Big Cat, and PFT. 

During it, McConnaughey gave us a little advice on how to pick winners. Before I give you his keys to profit, you may be wondering, why trust McConaughey? Is he some sort of a sharp? Well, yeah, he is you bozo. He played John Anthony!

I'm not a big movie guy so I have no idea if this is respected within the film community, but I always love watching Two For The Money once a year. McConnaughey. Pacino. Sports betting. Gotta love it.

Now, back to real life McConnaughey:

“Bevo [Longhorns Mascot] passes away? Good reason to win. Sylvester Stallone opens up Lincoln Stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles, the brand new stadium? DO NOT bet on Philadelphia on Monday night because all the attention is on fucking Rocky Balboa and ‘wow, isn’t this stadium cool?' and none of that shit has to do with the game on the field.” 

The dead mascot game is an absolute must. Of course, a smart guy like McConnaughey knows that, but he gives us a nice little tip on the opposite of dead mascot games: a celebrity opening up a brand new stadium. That's something I'm going to have to dig into a little bit. 

Teams ATS in games when they open up a new stadium. 

I'll get one of our data guys on it....ASAP. I have a feeling it's a negative ROI.