A Staple Of Our Younger Days, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan Have Returned For New Episodes Of High Stakes Poker



Many people would argue the original High Stakes Poker is the best poker television ever produced. No matter when it was on, you had to stop and watch. It was the best, and the richest, poker players battling it out on the felt with no regard for money nor human life. And it's what propelled Tom Dwan, better known as Durrrr, from an internet phenom into an all time legend.

There isn't a hand that Tom Dwan looks down at and decides "nah, not gonna play this one". He would bet when most people would check, raise when most would call, and shove when most would fold. And now he is back in the mix with other high stakes psychopaths like Jason Koon, who talked about playing million dollar pots on episode 79 of the podcast (highly suggest checking that episode out).


Durrrr is the best to ever do it. Cannot wait to see them keep bumping up the stakes and having 6-7 figure swings. Put Ivey and Dwan on TV together and I'll be watching. It'll be on PokerGo starting mid-December and hopefully we see more sick hands like this:




And hey, if you dig poker, check out Cracking Aces. On last week's episode we had the newest Barstool employee Ben Mintz, who talked about playing poker down south, his deep Main Event runs, the old days of online poker, and much more. He was dope and should be a great addition to Barstool.




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