Is Today The Day YOU Win $25,000 From The NFL PlayBarstool Contest?

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So far in the NFL contest we have had 94 people go 10 for 10 against the spread and advance to Monday night for a chance at the $25,000 jackpot but no winners yet. This week we have decided to make it even easier to be perfect. Four times easier in fact, instead of going 10/10 ATS you now only need to go 8/8. We were told before the season by the analytical/math/app building people that someone would probably win in the first 4-7 weeks and I want a stoolie to win that money bad. Obviously it is hard to go perfect and even harder to predict the exact Monday night score but this is $25,000 we are talking about here. That is a life (or at least year) changing amount of money for someone and this week and this week only we are making it 4 times easier to do it. Go 8 for 8 today and pick the score of MNF and that money is yours. It also takes 60 seconds or less to make your picks so if you made the time to read this blog you can make the time to make your picks, even if you think the app is stupid and there is no chance you could win.  Make your picks now and good luck, may the gambling gods be forever in your favor.

PS - Here are my picks if you want to copy them. I am not allowed to win the $25,000 so we wouldn't even have to split it

PPS - I will be live on twitch at 10:30 to talk about my picks, Normans huge dick, Fantasy starts or sits, Season 1 of Stool Streams and much more. Come hang