I Have Hard Evidence That The "Experts" On TV Have No Idea What The Fuck They're Talking About

I was on the Bucs last night, therefore I am an idiot. But the difference between me/Barstool personalities and the frauds on TV is that we admit at the end of the day we're a bunch of babbling idiots that don't have any sort of real edge other than watching the games and saying what we think might happen. This panel is full of "experts" who's entire lives have been/are dedicated to football. Hundreds and hundreds of years of NFL experience, All-Pros, Hall of Fame coaches and players, the list goes on and on. These guys know so little about picking games that the best record on the entire panel after last night is 5-4 and that's straight up, not even against the spread! 

The second I saw this graphic I knew I was fucked. I chalked it up as a loser before they even had the damn coin toss. These TV talking heads are like weathermen. They talk confidently like they know exactly what's gonna happen, yet in reality they're lucky if they're right even 50% of the time and are NEVER held accountable for it. News Flash: They know NOTHING. Here at Barstool, we can go 9-1 (very rare but happens maybe once or twice a presidency) but we're idiots for giving out the one loser. It's a damn shame. Thankfully I had Picks Central as my therapy session this morning because 1) I needed it for my mental health and 2) because I talk ~slightly~ better than I write (both not great)