Cat vs. Tank: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XXV

After an electric set of matches yesterday, we are back to work inside Stool Streams Stadium at noon ET with Week 3 of our Jenga season. It's a stacked lineup as we approach the midway point of the season, and we are here to break it all down for you. Let's help you cash in with that $1,500 Progressive Jackpot:

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Match 1 - Pressed (1-0) vs. Pubes II (0-2)

History: Rone 3-1, Big Cat 4-1, Nick 2-5, Frank 0-2

Storylines: How will Big Cat and Rone approach the Frank the Tank strategy? Frank has already tested out multiple melodies for this match, and if you're a Bears or Eagles fan, be prepared. A loss for Pubes II would be a big blow to their playoff chances.

Quotes to Remember: "We're gonna go physical this time - physically try to intimidate them." - Rone

"If it's not time to panic, I don't know when it is. We're rookies, learning how to go. The more we play, the better we get." - Frank

Analysis: Buckle up, folks. If yesterday was any indication, Frank The Tank is going to bring out some wacky tunes in this match. And he will need everything to bounce his way, as Pubes II is currently 0-2. As for Pressed, a win would put them in the driver's seat in Group B.

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Match 2 - Josh Duhamel (0-3) vs. Rangoon Wranglers (0-1)

History: Pat 0-2, Cons 2-3, Wonton Don 2-3, Chef Donny 0-2

Storylines: It's the battle of the winless teams in Group C, but someone's gota win this one! A Duhamel loss would 100% knock them out of consideration, while the Wranglers could be right in the mix with a win to get back to .500.

Quotes to Remember: "Now that Pat sees what it's like in actual game conditions, he will change his mindset, I need to do a better job being in his ear." - Cons

"Now that Kate's out, we are going to show zero mercy." - Wonton Don

Analysis: ICYMI, Kate was the first person to be cut in the Jenga league (cut by herself). Now, Pat enters as the replacement for a team that needs a miracle to make the playoffs. As for the Rangoon Wranglers, they can't afford to drop to 0-2. This very well may be a "Loser Leaves Town" game.

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Match 3 - Futból Team (1-0) vs. Da Chalk (3-0)

History: PFT 3-1, Kelly 1-0, Liz 8-3, Big Ev 5-2

Storylines: First place in Group C is on the line in this one. A pair of undefeated teams clash as the favorites to make the playoffs, but remember, the top two teams overall get a bye. Can Da Chalk keep their dominance rolling fresh off a win yesterday?

Quotes to Remember: "It's a big match, they're all big matches in the group of death. Anytime you have a divisional game, if you can win those matches, it increases your stats to make the postseason." - PFT

"Kelly is a fucking pistol. She's fiery as fuck and I've never seen her play, don't know what to expect from that." - Liz

Analysis: If Da Chalk wins this one, look out, league. They would move to 4-0 and be in great shape to lock up a bye in the playoffs. As for the Futból Team, they are in an interesting spot as the underdogs, despite being undefeated. The winner of Group C could depend on who wins this match.

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