How To Cost Yourself A Quick $7,500 On Wheel Of Fortune


My guy Alex was STUNNED. Had no idea what he did wrong. Not a clue. But Pat Sajak was tough but fair. Thems the rules, you have to read the words in front of you. You can't add anything, leave anything off, add letters, leave off letters, nothing. Just read it as is. And Alex wanted to drop the mic on his opponents (he was up by like, $30,000 when he did this) and it backfired on him HARD. A quick $7,500 down the tubes because he wanted to stunt. And I don't hate him for trying to tap dance on their graves, but you have to make sure you have the right tap shoes on. And he most certainly did not. Sometimes it's best just to take the points/money. You know as they say, "I'll dunk when it's worth 3". 


If you're interested in about 20 or so bad Wheel of Fortune plays, here's a thread for you. It's a great way to waste an hour: