Daniel Negreanu Shows How Easy It Is To Lose $300,000 In 3 Hours


Back in July, I did a blog explaining the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu blood feud that resulted in them setting up a high stakes heads up challenge. The cliff notes are the guys hate each other and finally agreed to put their nuts on the table and battle it out in the heads up NL streets for all the glory. The little caveat is Doug was once considered the best HUNL player in the world, while Daniel has very limited experience in the game. Regardless, Daniel agreed to the challenge.




They have gone back and forth on leading in the early stages, but yesterday Doug blew it wide open by taking $300,000 off Daniel in a span of about 3 hours. It was a bloodbath.



But the cool thing is Daniel took it in stride. So much in stride that he immediately turned around a video showing the biggest hands he lost and oh my god, it is hard to run this bad. It's brutal. There's maybe a couple spots he can find a hero fold, but Doug is more than capable of bluffing in those spots, hence them being hero folds. Doug ran hotter than the sun (admittedly)



So have a look at the hands. It's a hard watch. You never want to see that.



And what do you do after a life-sucking session like that? Pour yourself a nice bottle of wine and keep on keeping on.