The Gambling Gods Spit In The Eye Of Every Seahawks -6.5 Bettor Out There Last Night With One Of The More All-Time Bad Beats

There's really not much to say after that. Bad beats are rough no question, but that was a special kind of fuck you to the soul. The hail mary prayer deflection to the hail mary specialist himself Richard Rodgers AND the two point conversion spitting in every Seattle backers' eye. It's a loss that'll make you question life as you know it. How are you expected to go to bed and wake up in the morning for work? I'm not sure to be honest with you. The decision to go for two there where the Steven Cheah nerds of the world will tell you is the right call is the ultimate kick in the balls. It's a sledgehammer to the balls in fact. Is it the right call? Numbers will back it up and tell you the odds of not converting a 2 point conversion twice are less than getting it once. To that I say go fuck yourself and your numbers. As a gambler it's a sight that'll make you throw up your dinner and never want to eat again. You got into that final drive not thinking for a second that your number is jeopardy. That was the perfect Doug Pederson stamp on this dogshit game where that bumbling idiot refused to kick on 4th down countless times, thus costing his team points time after time. More on the game as a whole here via Smitty

That two point conversion attempt, which nerds will tell you is genius, is just cruel and unusual punishment to everyone on Seattle. Eagles +6.5 had zero business covering. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Carson Wentz was atrocious. He played as bad as advertised, and some may argue worse. That's just as bad as it gets. Thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone who took an L on that final drive. El Pres lost enough money on Black Friday/Cyber Monday with all the amazing deals we had to lose like that. The only thing you can say is fuck you Doug Pederson. 

If you were on the right side of this play I don't think you can even publicly acknowledge it. You are asking to get the shit kicked out of you.