Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter Return: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XXVIII

Week 4 of our Stool Streams Jenga season continues resumes TODAY at noon ET. It's another triple header with tons of playoff implications on the line, so let's get right into it.

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Match 1 - Pressed (2-2) vs. Pubes II (0-3)

History: Big Cat 5-3, Rone 4-3, Nick 2-6, Frank 0-3

Storylines: Nick and Frank would be ELIMINATED with a loss today. They are only one of two teams left in the league who have never won a match yet. On the flip side, Pressed looks to rebound off a miserable doubleheader performance two weeks ago, when they dropped from first place to third place in the span of one hour. Shows how quick things can move in this league. 

Quotes to Remember: "I have extra befriended Frank, so that he is less willing to eat my heart out and and eat it in front of me." - Rone

"Fuck Adam Ferrone." - Nick

Analysis: Selfishly, I love when these two teams play. There is so much chatter going on and there is not as much of a need for Jeff and I to talk. But this is great for entertainment value, and this match will be fun to watch. I can't wait to see the holiday jingles Frank has up his sleeve, in addition to the food order Mr. Cat brings in.

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Match 2 - Rangoon Wranglers (1-2) vs. Futból Team (2-1)

History: Chef Donny 1-3, Wonton Don 3-4, PFT 4-2, Kelly 2-1

Storylines: These two teams are fighting for the final playoff spot in Group C. But if PFT and Kelly can win this one, they will only be one game behind Da Chalk in the race for first place. For the Donnies, they look to keep riding their momentum off of Monday's win. If they prevail, the two teams would be dead even at 2-2.

Quotes to Remember: "I know absolutely nothing about them. I know that Kelly has NEVER gotten me a guest, but I have never asked her for a guest, so this is personal." - Wonton Don

"I think the Donnie's are OVERRATED with a capital O. They're trying to be Mike and Mike, but they're frauds." - PFT

Analysis: Since Da Chalk already clinched (see below) and Josh Duhamel's season is over, this very well could be a play-in game for the postseason. A PFT + Kelly win would put them in the driver's seat for a spot, but a Rangoon Wranglers victory would certainly tighten things up.

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Match 3 - Goose Mode (0-2) vs. Muddah's Wake (1-1)

History: Tommy 1-7, Vibbs 3-2, Balls 3-3, Marty 1-2

Storylines: Tommy and Vibbs are in desperate need to win a match. A loss would drop them to 0-3, making a path to the playoffs very, very slim. The key for Glenny Balls and Marty Mush will be containing the Balls Giggles. It was the main reason for their loss a few weeks ago, and they really can't afford for it to happen again.

Quotes to Remember: "Balls and Mush probably stink. If we can't beat them, can't beat anybody." - Tommy Smokes 

"Tommy is the worst Jenga player I've ever seen. Goose Mode is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen." - Marty Mush

Analysis: It will be interesting to see how Vibbs will do under the bright lights in his first league match. Goose Mode is most likely eliminated with a loss, but if they can get Glenny Balls to giggle once again, they'll be right in the thick of it in Group A.

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