Robbie Fox Just Called Dave Portnoy "Gutless". How Will Dave Respond?

Team Portnoy is in shambles. Between YP getting cut due to laziness,

 and TP members Tommy Smokes & Frankie breaking up 

Team Portnoy is anything but a tight knit unit of strength right now.

Dave decided he needed to get away from all the drama and get some rest and relaxation down in Miami

Then this video of Dave, promoting tomorrows Jenga match at 1pm, was put out in the universe (on a Sunday no less)


And Robbie Fox did not take kindly to Daves mistreatment of everyone's favorite video game character turned IRL sideline reporter Coach Duggs, calling him gutless

Calling your boss gutless has to be one of the dumbest thing you can do as an employee, especially when you are going to be face to face with him tomorrow at 1pm inside the triple S. Will Dave respond? How will this affect his head going into tomorrows match. If he and Ria can pull out the win they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs so this will be a big one. 

Make your picks now and tune in tomorrow at 1pm