Holy Shit, The Trailer For The New Season Of "High Stakes Poker" Is Incredible


Mother of god. This is going to be incredible. What happens when you get the biggest degen poker players, the best poker players, and Phil Hellmuth at a poker table together? Madness. This season of High Stakes Poker is going to be completely off the rails. These guys play a combination of extremely above the rim poker and extremely reckless poker and it makes for must-watch stuff every time. You have Durrrr, you have Ivey, and that lunatic JRB. Plus new blood at the table like Doug Polk and possibly the best guest in Cracking Aces history Jason Koon. Plus bazillionaires Rick Solomon and Bill Perkins. I mean shit, 40 seconds in we get our first "Rick is out here treating me like Paris Hilton and I can't do anything about it". 

This is going to be some of the most bonkers poker we have ever seen. So much money being thrown around, and any game with Ivey and Dwan is going to be 100x more aggressive than your average home game. 

Will Dwan continue to sun run HSP? Will Polk stay hot? Will Ivey be as awesome as he always has been? I can't wait.



PS: I hope to eventually produce a poker game for Barstool. No idea of the logistics, but the idea of 6 Barstool personalities mic'd up, cards showing, with some goofy shit tossed in (splashed pots, punishments for losing, etc) sounds wonderful. Going to try to do that in 2021.