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Notre Dame Backdoors The Hell Out Of Alabama

Alabama dominated Notre Dame. Even in a game where it was 14-7 in the middle of the second, Alabama felt like they were up 40.

As someone who had Alabama -19.5, I never considered the bet in danger. Najee Harris was jumping over people. Devonta Smith looked unstoppable.

It was 4th and 8 with 3:32 to go. Brian Kelly put up the white flag, sending out the punt team down 31-7. Alabama would just run out the clock....but then he took a timeout.

A few plays later, Nick Saban got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty:

On 2nd & goal, Ian Book found the back of endzone.

Was it a bad beat? No, but anytime you get backdoored it hurts. There was even a flag on the play to troll you. Maybe it was a holding? Nope, offside on the defense.

Every gambler has found themselves counting up their record midway through a CFB/NFL day.....looking at a 3-2, maybe a 5-0 if we get really lucky....As I did that today, I counted Alabama as a winner. They weren't.