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If Cuomo Wants To Legalize Weed, Why Not Just Tack Online Poker Onto That Too Please


First things first, bravo to Cuomo for joining the world of common sense and rationality when it comes to marijuana and weed legalization. He may not do many things right, but admitting weed should be legalized for adults to use recreationally is a no-brainer. 

But while we are passing no-brainer laws, why not tack another one onto that bill and legalize online poker? You're telling me it's easier to legalize a drug than it is to legalize playing cards from the comfort of your couch? Doesn't that seem crazy to you? Doesn't it seem insane to you that one day you could play poker in all 50 states and then they hit a button and doomedswitched us from playing at all? And now it's only legal in 6 states? It's been a decade since poker's Black Friday, enough is enough. It's poker for Pete's sake! It's as American as apple pie.

You can drive 5 minutes to New Jersey and play legally. You can play legally in Pennsylvania and Delaware as well. But not New York where all the money is? What sort of ding dong brains society are we living in? All people want to do is throw $25 onto the internet and fuck around after work. It's not going to cause global extinction or every puppy to die of dog AIDs. I promise. It's just online poker. 

DFS is legal. The lottery which is the biggest scam in the world is legal. But for some ungodly reason, seeing flops is absolutely banned. NJ is making money hand over fist with online poker, and they don't have the billionaires that NYC has. Imagine the tax revenue, Cuomo. Just imagine. The governor's mansion would look like Happy's happy place.



So on behalf of the state of New York, I behoove you to copy what NJ did and legalize playing internet poker. And share a player pool with them too. Make it big. Be the state every other state copies. Imagine if Cuomo changes his entire legacy by being the governor who gets poker back into the United States on a wide-spread scale again? Do it, bro. Do it.