You Can Actually See The Moment This Guy In The Front Row Remembered It Was Baylor -8.5

Watch my guy in the white hat and quarter zip in the bottom right. We've all been there. That guy realized the moment this shot went up he was sitting on Baylor -8.5. You don't react like that when your team wins the game outright unless you took them as a favorite. I love it. The worst part is you knew this was happening. You did the quick math when the ball was being inbounded and just started saying 'dribble it, dribble it.' Then it happens. Not only does it happen, the walk-on was practicing this shit before the game

If you knew that guy was catching the ball you can just go ahead and walk out. 100 out of 100 times that goes in. Now one thing to help this guy out is there's a good chance he's sitting on a Baylor future - which you can still get at the Barstool Sportsbook at +600 and +125 to make the Final Four. Here's what last night proved yet again - it's Gonzaga and Baylor then a decent sized gap to everyone else in the country. I don't know if it's a name thing or what but people are for sure discrediting Baylor this year. Even when you say it's Gonzaga and Baylor in tier 1 people immediately say Gonzaga will win by 10. 

This Baylor team is a monster defensively. Watch how they rotate and fly around. The key to that is Mark Vital, who is listed at 6'5". They run him at the 4 spot and surround him with Jared Butler, MaCio Teague and Davion Mitchell, three guys that can switch and defend their ass off. Butler/Mitchell both rank in the top-50 nationally in steal percentage. This Baylor team is different than most. They can score. Last year that was the smoke and mirrors with them a bit. They would get stagnant on offense and hope Jared Butler bailed them out. This year you can see it with the way they are playing faster and even some of the play designs. Last night when Kansas cut the lead in the second half, they ran this false motion up top with a weave before Butler threw a backdoor lob to Vital on a backcut. It was fucking awesome. 

As for Kansas I think last night sort of just proved again where they are. They can win games, they could make a Final Four, but they are confusing. Why Bill Self refused to go small with the lineup of Jalen Wilson at the 5 is baffling. That lineup has been awesome all year and McCormack even picked up 2 early fouls. Instead they keep trying to feed him in the post, where he's not even efficient. They now have 3 losses in the Big 12. That's why they'll kinda stay in that tier 3 for me. 

Either way, if you know my man in the white hat and quarter zip, tell him to jump on the Barstool Sportsbook and grab Baylor +600. It'll feel better after last night.