Wake Up With Pure Michigan

There's nothing more pure than this. A dollar for dollar donation to the Barstool Fund to save small business. Incredible. My entire adult life I have been gambling responsibly and who knows where that money was going. Now...your deposits this weekend go out to help people from the great state of Michigan and their small businesses. 

I don't know why this is, maybe because Detroit was a failed/dying city for more than a generation, but Michigan as a whole is a TOP state. Pound for pound maybe the best state in the country and I genuinely mean that. Coastline, lakes, wineries, wild life, industry, Big10 sports(even if they stink at football, MACtion, the greatest sunset these eyes have ever seen was not in Hawaii or California, but in Luddington, Michigan. They've got hockey, Mo-town music and now...Sports Gambling with Barstool Sports...Michigan has everything. If Barstool wanted to get us a summer house in St Joseph's I would move there and not think twice. The state is incredible and you should go visit, download the app, make a deposit, save a small business, and soak in all the purity of it. Michigan. 

PS: the Pure Michigan commercials on loop are the best sleep aid the internet has to offer.