Giannis Pulls An Absolute Stunt To Cover -6.5 For The Bucks

There's a few things you have to be careful about in the Barstool Sports world.

1. Titling blogs "Must Read" (I've failed here)

2. Gambling tips (I've failed here too)

3. Referring to something as a bad beat

The video above I was a little nervous about calling a bad beat. The Bucks were covering the number for a significant amount of the 4th quarter. They had just allowed the Raptors to get an offensive rebound and then attempt a wide open three to get within 5 before the clip above.

However, what Giannis did here? Disgusting. There was absolutely NO reason to dunk that ball. NONE. It was a 5-point game and the game was over. No one was trying to foul you. Get the ball and let the clock run out. Bush-league stuff.

NOTE: This was written by someone on Raptors +7.