Presenting One Of The Worst Collapses Of The College Hoops Season - If You Had LSU +3.5, I'm So Sorry

This isn't even just a bad beat, this is horrendous, this is the definition of collapsing. Let's set the stage. LSU at home against Texas Tech. You're up 7 with 1:14 to go after Shaq's did something he couldn't. Make a free throw. 71-64, all things are looking up and up. Hell, your best player in Cam Thomas hit a ridiculous three to make you feel like LSU had sealed the game: 

At that moment it felt like LSU survived. But, you see, LSU lacks what you would call smart plays. At the same time Texas Tech has, Mac McClung who fucking rules. 

He immediately hits a three to cut it to 71-67 after the O'Neal free throw. Okay, not a big deal. Just gotta take care of the ball and make a couple free throws if you're LSU. Of course they miss the front end of the 1-and-1 with :48 to go. Then Mac does Mac things: 

Alright, it's a 1 point game now with 32 seconds to go. You're sitting on +3.5, still looking fine. But remember, it's LSU. It's Will Wade. They do shit like this: 

Now comes the +3.5 collapse. Missed jumper by LSU, foul and Tech makes both to go up 3 with 16 seconds to go. Just get a bucket, anything, waste time. You know what happens. LSU wastes time, launches a three with 6 seconds to go, Tech gets the rebound and LSU fouls with 1 second on the clock. Dagger.

Then again if you're betting on LSU you know you're fucked pretty much right away. Shit, sorry Marty