New York, New York: Spittin' Chiclets Props For Monday

We have a classic New York-area battle on tap tonight, Long Island vs. The City. And tonight's Spittin' Chiclets prop lets you pick a star from either team to get the most points. If you're on Team Borrelli and want to ride with Islander Mathew Barzal, you'll win 235 for every 100 you risk. But if you're a Glenny Balls guy and take Ranger Artemi Panarin, you'll get back 125 for every 100 risked. If you think the players tie in points tonight, then the return is 220 for every 100 risked.

Tonight's Alumni Parlay is one team from Whit and and one from Biz. You need the Oilers and Coyotes to both win to hit the parlay. If you risk 100, you win 285 (boosted from 249).