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Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez Just Pulled Off The Upset Of The Year, Cashing +3000 Tickets For Anyone Who Bet Him Via Submission


For anyone not watching the fights tonight, we just saw "The Black Belt Hunter" Rodolfo Vieira begin his fight by delivering a god damn ALABAMA SLAM (Hardcore Holly style) to Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez....

....bringing himself down to -1000 live-betting, and also making me tweet that Hernandez had no shot to win at all....

….which wound up being the worst tweet of all time. 

Immediately after I fired it off, Vieira became more tired than any fighter in the history of the UFC and started getting DOMINATED by Fluffy. I mean DOMINATED dominated. Vieira just had the tank of Travis Turman in there.

Joe Rogan was saying he's never seen anybody more tired on the stool after one round of fighting in his life, and Daniel Cormier couldn't help but laugh at a dude with muscles on top of muscles gassing out. When he came out for the second round, everyone knew he was done in a way you almost never see at this level. 

Fluffy then poured it on for the finish quickly - which he got via submission (+3000) - shocking the world….

….and I'll tell ya what - I will NEVER doubt Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez ever again.