RESPONSIBLY Take A Look At Jazz -7.5 Vs The Sixers With Joel Embiid Questionable Due To Back Tightness


Look, I'm a Sixers fan. I love this team and think they're going to compete for the Eastern Conference, no doubt. That's even after apparently, per sources, they acquired James Harden #THISLEAGUE. Howeva - facts are facts. And here are them facts:

The Jazz are currently -7.5 and potential MVP candidate Joel Embiid is questionable with back tightness. Jojo has been on the injury report with the same deal a few times before this season and they've (wisely) erred on the side of caution by sitting him out. This is the last contest of a long road trip in which the Sixers have lost their last two, including getting spank danked by the Suns in the second half of the previous game. The trip has also included some kick in the balls travel issues/delays with them getting caught in a blizzard late in Portland so they haven't really been able to "Settle". Now I'm no doctor, psychic, or even a semi-intelligent member of this species, but if I'm going to take a very, very educated guess I would say the Sixers are going to swallow their pride tonight agains the hottest team in the league and rest Embiid, again. There's no need to get into a dick swinging contest with the #1 team in the West not even halfway through the season. It's the smart move to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. 

So what does that mean? Well, if/when they announce Jojo out, I don't see the Sixers coming within 10 points of the Jazz. Also, that line will move to probably over -10 (I'd say 12.5). Again, I would never bet on my Philadelphia 76ers to lose. That's not my style. But you can do what you must. The earlier the better.  

And even if Embiid plays +7.5 may be tough for the Sixers to cover. The absence of Shake Milton on most of this road trip has REALLY exposed the need for depth on the bench. Plus Donovan Mitchell has some sort of hard on every time baby bro goes up against Ben Simmons. Look for him to be the leading scorer of the game and go over his line of +27.5 points. 

That's all we got. Take it for what it's worth, which may not be much cause I absolutely mushed myself into being wrong which means Embiid will play and the Sixers will WIN lose by 7. Such is life. Oh well. You can listen to more Sixers and Philly stuff with Rone and I on our totally not approved Barstool podcast - First Time, Long Time - We'll hang up and listen.