Should I Say Responsibly Take A Look At The Sixers At -10.5 Or Should We Wait Until The Game Is Almost Over To Give (Or Not Give) Our Thoughts?

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Do you like…facts? I like facts. Even more so, I like sharing said facts with you, responsibly, so you may use those facts at your discretion. That's factually a factual fact.  

So when I see the fact that Joel Embiid has sat for 5 games this season and the Sixers are 3-1-1 ATS in the next contest in which he returns, I go: 

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Upon more inspection, I see the one loss occurred in early January when the Sixers were RAVAGED by Covid-19 and had Dakota Mathias (RIP) playing 39 minutes. So therefore, the 76ers are 3-0-1 ATS the game after Embiid rests when all the normal starters play, including 3-0 at home. Add on the fact Shake Milton returns as the much needed 6th man and the 1st place, prideful Sixers are returning to South Philly off a 1-3 road trip…

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Therefore, I have the honor of saying please RESPONSIBLY take a look at the Philadelphia 76ers -10.5 at home vs. the Houston Rockets, who are on the last game of a East Coast stretch. Also, the Rockets have lost their last 6 games in which the previous two they've fallen by 29 to the Knicks and 25 to the Wizards, disrespectfully. Combine that with the Sixers possibly playing ANGRY and…well, be responsible out there, folks.

Those are the facts. Take them for what they're worth. Or wait until late in the game when others are able to Tweet out the fact they knew it all along. Whatever works. New Barstool is still Barstool even though everyone is treated differently. Be nice. That means you, CBS, you trashbag. 

*Psst - Ben Simmons double double is +115. Responsibly.