Finish The Week With Some Spittin' Chiclets Props

Tonight's head-to-head is JvR vs. Nick Backstrom. If you bet 100 on the Flyer van Riemsdyk and he has more points, you win 250. If you take Backstrom, you win 145 for every 100 bet. If you put 100 on them tying and they do, you win 175.

We're running the Big Walt Special again tonight as both of his boys are going against each other again. But you can bet this prop and root for both brothers to record at least a point. If you bet 100 and they both get a point, you win 200 (boosted from 166).

Tonight's boost is 'Sidney Crosby scores a goal and the Pens win'. If you bet 100, you win 280 (boosted from 240).

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