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Oh My God, The Refs Went To The Monitor After The Game Ended To Call Off An Iowa 3 At The Buzzer To Cost Everyone The Over

What a brutal, brutal beat. Listen people love to bet the over. It's fun. You want to watch scoring and a good game. The feeling that you're still alive in a blowout game with a few seconds to go is a rush that you can't replicate. Then it happens. The three at the buzzer. If you're on the under you've seen this story all the time. College kids fouling a million times down the stretch then some bullshit shot at the end. It's truly a tale as old as time. But now we have this. Refs are now instructed to go to the monitor for this exact reason. They went to review the shot and called it off, keeping the game under. Just a brutal beat. That's Championship Week though folks. You have to be ready for any of these gambling beats or wins during this week. 

I'll let Carl talk about Illinois, but all I know is this team is fucking awesome. I'm jealous that Illinois fans get to cheer for Andre Curbelo, he's awesome. Kofi also straight up kicked Garza's ass today.